Got a school program..this info is for you! 

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Lifestyle  Sessions

School Spirit Program
Have your Senior Session with SEEDS Studio and a portion of your Session will be donated to your school activity. Band, Cheer, Color Guard, Soccer, Basketball, you name it. The more members on your team that use SEEDS Studio the more $$ you will receive for your program 

Coaches / Instructors / Parents
Recommend SEEDS Studio Photography to everyone you know and receive $$$ for each paid referral. You work with kids and parents all the time. Simply share the info and reap the benefits

A'la carte Prints and Items
SEEDS STUDIO offers a plethora of  à la carte items including video of your session, fine art prints, speciality prints ,metallic finishes, signature prints, books and more. Need items for your banquet,prints for your party...look no further!

How's it works
$100 for ever participant! Say you have 5 Seniors on your team. If all Seniors have their Session with SEEDS Studio that's $500 donated to your School Activity. That is gas, food, a hotel night, uniforms, field trips. Cupcakes galore! What ever you use the money for it was $500 more then you had. Have 10 Seniors..that's $1,000 

Juniors...get in on the action!
No worries can totally get in on the action. Not only can you have the cool opportunity to become a SEEDS Studio rep and earn extra images, but sign up with SEEDS Studio early and earn $50 cash for referring SEEDS Studio to your family and friends. You can pocket that cash or put it toward..idk your School Activity!     

Spirit Program

  Have your Senior Session with SEEDS Studio Photography and a portion of your session will be given to your extracurricular activity of choice




à la carte   

school spirit program