I have a beautiful, quaint little Home Studio and create my beautiful art right here in Michigan


If you are here...reading about me, I am so honored! That means there is something in my craft that you love so much you are at the point of wanting to learn more. I am a visual storyteller or a visual poet I like to think. I can convey more emotion in one single image than I ever could put into words! THAT is precisely what I would love to do for you! Not only would I love to have an amazing session with you, but I want to empower you and remind you how beautiful you are. Our bodies are amazing tools, we are powerful, fascinating beings. We have children, balance life and work, multitask, juggle and have more children. It's unfair what society places as beauty and what true beauty really is. I want your true beauty to shine...you are so deserving of self love. I hope a session with me reminds you of just how amazing you are and help you feel how every women should feel... beautiful!